Use Yearbound After You Digitize Photos

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Apr 02, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Use Yearbound After You Digitize PhotosFacebook has had everyone in a craze since 2005 and the fad doesn’t seem to be dying down. Even if you don’t have Facebook you probably know at least 5 or 10 people that do. As of December 2012, it is reported that Facebook has about 1 billion users, 167 million unique visitors per month, and 500 millions "likes" per day. Not too bad for a Harvard, computer programming, drop out, right?

1 million websites have now integrated with Facebook making it virtually impossible to be a successful business without making the connection. Some businesses, like Yearbound, have actually built a whole business plan around Facebook itself. 

After you digitize photos, you are opened up to a whole new digital world. You can share photos through email, on your smart phone, on social media platforms, or as personalized gifts - the options are virtually endless. With your digitized photos being uploaded to Facebook, you now have the opportunity to utilize Yearbound - which we have found to be a very unique way to capture your moments from your Facebook history!

What is Yearbound?

Jonathan Collins, who regards himself as an entrepreneur, community activist, and an avid athlete, founded Yearbound. He was hiking with his family in Iceland and a thought came to him - "…I realized the need for a solution to preserve those memories offline to share and enjoy for generations to come."

We couldn’t agree more. Once you digitize photos and share them with family and friends on Facebook, wouldn’t it be valuable to capture those posts, comments, and interactions in a book you can keep forever?

Yearbound believes that "life should be shared and memories preserved." The team at Yearbound thus creates a customized book of your Facebook memories. See a video about Yearbound here. 

How Does Yearbound Work?

The process goes a little something like this: 

  1. Allow the application to access your Facebook information (your information will be used only for your purchase).
  2. Choose to build a book, make a digital PDF, or buy a gift card for a friend.
  3. Select the year and cover you want for your book.
  4. Customize the content you want included in your book or PDF. 

You can also create a Memory Board, which is a free option on Yearbound’s website. Memory Board is an application that selects your most popular Facebook content from a given time range. After you create your Memory Board you can save it as a picture in a photo album on your Facebook account.

To see more of what you can do with digitized photos, check out our FREE ebook with 25 more stellar ideas >>


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