Converting Slides to Digital For Your Love

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Convert-slides-to-digital-for-your-loveDo you recognize the candy in the photo to the left? Yes, we all know these iconic candy hearts are associated with Valentine’s Day. Usually gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day include flowers, candy, and teddy bears. We are suggesting you consider converting slides to digital as a substitution to the common present for your loved one.

Recently there has been a story floating around the Internet about an elderly couple and their Valentine’s Day tradition. The couple was married for 46 years and every Valentine’s Day the husband sent his wife a bouquet of flowers with a note containing the words, “My love for you grows.” The first Valentine's Day came 10 months after she lost her husband. To her shock she found herself being delivered a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Confused and angry she called the florist and said there had been a mistake as her husband had passed away. To her surprise the florist replied that her husband had pre paid for many years. After she made this phone call she read the card attached and it read, “My love for you is eternal.”

Valentine's Day Tradition

We think doing something special for someone all year long is important but it is a nice gesture to take this one day aside to do something extra special. This husband thought so highly of his wife that he took the extra steps to continue to make her Valentine’s Days full of love. Converting slides to digital is an option you can utilize to keep a tradition alive every Valentine’s Day. Instead of digging out dusty boxes of slides to review on February 14th, you can use the digital versions in a variety of different ways. One year consider sharing the DVD slideshow or making a photo book of all the most important moments you’ve had together. These moments can include your wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, and award ceremonies. What is your wife’s favorite activity? Your husband’s or your significant other’s? There are any number of digital options that you can use to make a personalized creation out of a digital photograph.

From FotoBridge’s heart to yours, we want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the day with loved ones and think about making it extra special - convert your slides to digital. Need some ideas for ways to share your digital photos? Check out our free ebook >>


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