After Photo Scanning: Our Favorite DIY Projects

Posted by Julie Morris on Sat, Feb 02, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

One of our favorite quotes we found on Pinterest is “sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” And we think one of the best ways to protect these memories is by scanning them - whether it be photo scanning, slide scanning, film scanning, etc. But what happens after? Sure, there are tons of ways to share digital photos between online options and personalized gifts but there are just as many fun things to do with your old analog formats! Negatives are a very popular reused format in do-it-yourself projects. We understand that you don’t want to use your only original copy of a negative but chances are you have duplicates laying around - why not let everyone enjoy your most prized memories?

Pinterest DIY We love

Negative Earrings


Ever been to a flea market? We're sure you've seen all kinds of handmade jewelry - these negative earrings bring new flavor to the do-it-yourself jewelry market.





For the lover of everything photography and jewelry. This is such a cool option to recycle your old negatives with after you convert your negatives to digital!

Kitchen Magnets


A unique alternative to the traditional family photo magnet - use negatives instead of photos.



Do you like to read? How about your children or other family members? Instead of leaving your negatives in a box, make them useful.



These bows made out of negatives may be a little fancy for our DIY taste - but if you think you can tackle this, it would be an awesome addition to a gift for a photography enthusiast.

Candle Holders


We don't know about you but even around the office we always have a couple candles burning. You can never have too many holders. Light up your space with your memories.

Slide Lampshade


After converting slides to digital, light up your life with your old slides!

Handmade Bag


Designer bags are so expensive these days, making a bag out of negatives seems like an amazing economical option to us!

Negative Lamp


Same idea as with the slides but with negatives - DIY project perfect for your bedroom or living room.

“Stained Glass” Door


After working with a slide scanning service, this would be a breathtaking project to accomplish. Every person who walked into your house would be able to enjoy the negatives that tell the story of your life.

Well, there's definitely nothing negative about this post (too corny?). The biggest thing to remember is that even after you digitize your slides or negatives, don't forget about them - they are still worth sharing! Looking for advice on how to select the right service for you? Check out our free ebook --


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