Why Scan Pictures Sooner Than Later

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

We know to scan pictures now rather than later isn’t ideal for everyone. Why would you want to scan your pictures? After all, there is some nostalgic value for the photos you have in your archives. Some people really like the feeling of having a physical photo in their hands when looking at pictures. That is a valid reason yet nobody is suggesting that anyone get rid of his or her physical photos.

Scanning photos opens up so many doors to how you enjoy your memories. The sooner you are able to scan pictures, the quicker you’ll be able to enjoy all of the digital sharing options.

Think about it - if you are someone who loves to browse through photos this will make your life so much easier and so much more fun! Even if you’re the most organized person with photos, having digital copies opens up possibilities to create shareable options for everyone you associate with.

One of our favorite ways to share digital photos is through Linea. Linea says it best themselves - they are a place for beautiful photo browsing.

What Linea can do for you

Why-scan-picturesUsing Linea allows you to sync your digital photos across all your devices such as iPad, iPhone, and on the web. No matter where you are you can show off your photos at the drop of a hat. This only makes sense to utilize because we are a society who is so dependent on technology.

Linea is a fantastic way to share a “photo line” with a specific person. It is a more personal and private way than sharing pictures over social media. With this option you are able to allow the person to add to the photo story by adding more photos.

Why-scan-picturesWorried about having these great digital photos and not having a back up? No worries! When you share with Linea they automatically back up and store them in a high resolution.

Craving for more ideas on how to share your digital photos? Well you're in luck. FotoBridge has an ebook completely dedicated to providing ideas on just this. It is one thing to digitize your memories but the great action is to be able to share them. Spread the joy you have for your photos with others. Check out our free ebook!



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