What FotoBridge Found Picture Perfect in 2012

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Happy Tuesday! Congratulations on making it through another Monday - that wasn't so bad, was it?

In honor of this great day, the team at FotoBridge wanted to share some of our favorite pictures that we stumbled upon over this past year. Beautiful photos can have an extreme impact on a moment, a day, a life - they can also stem from a memorable time, event or feeling. We felt these five pictures evoked emotion worth sharing (some may even make you chuckle a little).


We thought this was a great play on the popular "keep calm and carry on" slogan.



This was taken by photographer Simon Berger. He took sparks and made them look like glowing raindrops - quite a magical scene. 




What is your first thought about this photograph? We can almost guarentee it's not what you think. Reddit user Liammm shot this photograph of his kitchen sink draining - talk about an illusion!







 Thanks pinterest for the laugh! Star wars meets  photography humor - what could be better?







Deb Morris is a very talented photographer who took this photo of "micro waves" - tiny waves on a beach measuring no more than a foot tall. Truly breathtaking!



We hope you enjoyed our picks! There are millions of pictures we admire - this list was meant to highlight just a few. Imagine what you could do if you digitize your photos...you could share them in a blog, on Facebook or Twitter - we'd love to see your favorites!

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