January is Get Organized Month: Time to Use a Photo Scanning Service

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 01:00 PM

Happy New Year! NAPO (National Association of ProfessionalOrganize-with-a-photo-scanning-service Organizers)                        
pins January as “Get Organized” month. Coincidentally, getting organized is found to be the second most popular New Year’s resolution - why then, you ask, is your garage and basement filled with boxes, bins, and other items you don’t recognize? Probably because most Americans’ resolutions don’t last past 6 months. This is your chance to break the mold - take your forgotten photos in the bins and boxes cluttering your home and send them to a photo scanning service. You put this organizing project off in 2012, but 2013 is a new year. This task might seem overwhelming but remember these photos are your memories - each one is just as important as the next.

This is the type of project you don’t have to worry about completing in one sitting - it might actually turn into a fun activity you can get your whole family involved in. Most photo scanning services allow you options to send photos in over an extended period of time. Along with my friends over at APPO, (Association of Personal Photo Organizers), here are a few steps to help you tackle this task.


Your first step should be to get all your photos in one place. Like APPO says, this is the most important step. This will make your life much easier in the long run. Have your children or spouse help you collect the boxes strewn about your house and get them into one room. A year or two from now you don’t want to find a box you may have missed!


Sorting might seem overwhelming if you’re staring at a thousand pictures - but don’t forget you know your memories best. Once you begin to go through them you’re going to realize what is from a past anniversary, birthday party or holiday family gathering. APPO recommends to sort by themes - and I completely agree with them. Figure out what is most important to you. Does your family have yearly traditions? Are there vacations that signify memorable events?


This might sound a little crazy but yes - we are recommending you throw photos out. If the photo has been damaged from neglect and is something that can be repaired, by all means keep it! But the blurry photo of your brother from 100 yards away probably doesn’t need to make it into your digital photo collection. Only keep the photos that hold value. Even duplicates can be thrown away or given to others who may appreciate a copy.

Select a Photo Scanning Service

You’ve done it! You’re well on your way to completing your New Year’s resolution. Before selecting a photo scanning service, it’s good to do some research which you can easily do online. You’ll be able to evaluate factors like trust, safety and quality of service from company and independent resources. It’s important to trust your selected photo scanning service because they are going to be handling your memories. Do other people recommend the company? Do they disclose their privacy policy? Safety is also something you should consider. Where are you sending your pictures? Are they safeguarded during transport? Does the company provide a temporary backup of all your photos? You’ll want to make sure that their customer service is up to par. Are they helpful and responsive? Do they provide a satisfaction guarantee?

I hope this provided a great starting point to get you going in the New Year! If you would like more information on getting a personal photo organizer check out APPO. For more information on selecting the right photo scanning service, take a peak at our free ebook!


Photo credit to www.napo.net

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