How Photo Scanning Services Handle Photo Enhancement

Posted by Michele Smoly on Tue, Jan 01, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Fellow photography enthusiast Nathan Chandler says it best, “good or bad, pictures help tell our family stories and remind us of who we are.”

Whether they are awkward or great, minute or life-changing, photos are there as reminders of events passed that we want to cherish for years to come.

What he also points out is the scary reality that these photos we keep tucked away in boxes are being subjected to staining, discoloration and fading - the last thing you mean to do is leave your precious memories to be neglected! But now you're probably thinking - how can photo scanning services enhance my photos?

Photo-scanning-service-photo-restoration           Photo-scanning-service-photo-restoration

Enhancement Techniques


  • Crop
  • Lighting adjustment
  • Color correction
  • Removal of dust, scratches and blurs

Most photo scanning services offer basic techniques to enhance your photos. They will crop out unnecessary background and damaged areas of the photo. The lighting of the photo will be adjusted and the color corrected - these steps will help the fading and discoloration that may have occurred on your photos. They will achieve this by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation of the images. Before the final image is produced the service should be removing the dust, scratches and blurs that may have appeared over time.


  • Intelligent Digital Finishing (IDF)

FotoBridge, a leader in photo scanning, has developed their own exclusive image enhancement and correction process. They call it “intelligent digital finishing.” All images are not created equal and that is exactly what the folks at FotoBridge have figured out. This process mixes automation with a criteria based approach - each photo is treated differently based on its unique requirements (condition, exposure, etc.). The best enhancement approach is then selected based on these requirements. It’s a win, win situation - you’ll be able to enjoy fully restored photos while FotoBridge concentrates their time restoring the parts of your photo that need the most attention.

I found the most satisfying part of getting my photos scanned by a photo scanning service was the end result - my old, faded photos became the vibrant scenes I remembered. Pictures of my parents went from dull to crisp and clear. I was able to easily share my family history again.

Photo scanning services, like FotoBridge, offer the convenience of automatically restoring faded photos during the scanning process. Best to leave it to the professionals - they understand that our memories are valuable and should be treated as so!

Want more information on how to select the right photo scanning service? Check out this free ebook today!


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