Transfer VHS to DVD: Why You Should Convert VHS Tapes

Posted by ed oboyle on Thu, Dec 27, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

Convert-VHS-to-DVDI can remember a few decades ago when VHS tapes were the standard for taking videos. Chances are your wedding day, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all recorded on VHS. All of our memories literally depend on the longevity of these black rectangular tapes that are highly prone to all sorts of damage. I don’t know about you but I plan on sharing these with my grandchildren - and these “tape things,” as my kids so kindly refer to them, aren’t going to make the cut.

You might have some sort of emotional attachment to your old VHS tapes, but when you transfer VHS to DVD you will be able to share your memories with everyone. Converting VHS to digital format is a necessary process if you want to preserve your memories.

Why convert your VHS?

Your Memories are Important

All of those things that were recorded on your old VHS tapes will never happen again. They are unique, once-in-a-lifetime events that were luckily preserved on film. They are your memories. Do you want to trust something that important to a VHS tape? 

VHS is unreliable

Because of their size, VHS tapes take up a lot of precious shelf space. They can also be easily damaged by dust, moisture, magnetism, and improper handling. VHS tapes age too; as time goes by, there will be a noticeable drop in video quality. Old tapes are also more likely to get eaten up by VHS players (do those even still exist?).

DVDs Last Longer

Numerous tests show DVDs may last at least twenty to forty years. It can also store more video - a single 4.7GB DVD can hold five to six full-length movies. Plus, you can make multiple copies of your home movies without compromising the quality.

If you want to keep your old videos intact, converting your home movies to a digital format is a must. DVD is a great medium to store all of the old memories and video recordings that you have on VHS tapes. I like DVDs because they can store more video than our old VHS tapes, they take up less storage space, they last longer and can be copied to share with all your family and friends.

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