TYMECapsule Media Vault Service is Triple Protection Storage for Legacy Photo and Movie Collections

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Aug 23, 2011 @ 12:48 PM


TYMECapulsue photo storage and protection service logoNo one likes to lose valuable stuff - especially those old photos and home movies that can't be replaced or important commercial content on old media. Thats why FotoBridge created TYMECapsule MVS (media vault storage).

With TYMECapsule MVS you can:

- Permanently store all your original media in a dedicated, off-site media vault for maximum protection

- Guard against media-type and format obsolescence for digital backups of your legacy photo and movie collections

- Have  redundant digital duplicates of your entire legacy collections delivered to your home or business location, on-demand, twice annually - forever

- Reclaim storage space while gaining the peace of mind that comes from knowing your treasured legacy photo and movie collections are permanently protected from fire, water, mold, and other risks that threaten your media collection

Now, when digitally archiving your legacy media collection with FotoBridge, you can elect to have FotoBridge securely store your originals and digital duplicates indefinitely starting at $1.95 per month. It's super-safe and easy self storage for treasured, irreplaceable photo and movie collections.  With TYMECapsule MVS customers receive their newly digital files on DVD or via digital delivery and rely on FotoBridge to safeguard originals and digital backups in a private "time capsule" at FotoBridge's secure facility.

TYMECapsule MVS is  three levels of protection for unparalleled peace of mind for highly valued collections. The service is available as an on option on its' popular flat-rate digitizing packages.

TYMECapsule IconTYMECapsule MVS is the first service that combines safe long-term physical media storage, physical digital media storage, annual on-demand duplicate DVD home delivery and off-site cloud backup for entire photo and movie collections. That's redundancy and backup across three geographies and formats to start, then annual DVD duplicate backup delivery to create a perpetual, secure archive into the future. In short, TYMECapsule MVS includes:
1)  Vault Storage - Permanent, onsite fire and damage protected, climate controlled media vault storage of your entire original physical media collections (photo prints, slides, negatives, movie film and video tapes) and Digital Master DVD Archive Disc(s) containing your entire photo and movie collection.

2)  Cloud Backup - Private, encrypted, secure digital backup on redundant Amazon S3 cloud storage.

3)  On-Demand Duplicate DVD Delivery - Annual creation and home delivery of duplicate Digital Master DVD Archive Disc(s).

See here for service terms and conditions.



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