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Posted by Julie Morris on Fri, May 06, 2011 @ 08:56 AM
On April 26th, the FotoBridge photo scanning service was featured on a number of TV morning shows as a high tech gift idea for Mother’s Day. Lifestyle and High Tech expert, Manoush Robin, broadcasted her best ideas to over 200 TV shows, radio programs and internet sites. The ideas included the latest digital tablets and hot smart phones, along with FotoBridge photo scanning services.

The Daily Buzz Fox 44

TV stations included CBS (WNEM-TV Flint MI, KIMT-TV Rochester MN), NBC (WLTZ-TV Columbus GA), FOX (WPMT-TV Harrisburg PA, KABB-TV San Antonio TX). Radio coverage was heard nationally and featured in Atlanta GA, Roanoke VA, Eau Claire WI, Boston MA, Philadelphia PA, Orlando FL, and Abilene TX. Complete list below.

Transcript Excerpt:

Brandi Williams, - It’s time to honor the most important people in the world, moms. They taught us how to read, write, ride a bike, so let’s give something back to our moms this mother’s day. Our lifestyle expert is showing us how. Good morning Manoush.

Manoush Robin, lifestyle expert – Good morning Brandi, I have got some very cool things that are going to make mom very tech savvy, she’s going to look cool and its going to make her life easier.

Brandi Williams, – All right, share them with us, what are the must-haves?

Manoush Robin, lifestyle expert – I love this gift, I would be so thrilled if my husband digitized all my baby and my college photos, but its such a daunting task. Well this is an easy service, its called FotoBridge. And what they do is they scan your photos, they run them through a special process – gets rid of dust, red-eye, fading – and then they send them back to you on a DVD so you can use them however you want to do – takes only 3 to 5 days and it’s such a great way to keep all those old pictures safe.

List of Media Outlets:

National Daily Buzz TV,National DirectTV TV,National Dish Network TV,National Candace Rose Internet,National MyFamilyMyLifeNow Internet,National Internet,National USA Radio Radio,New York City WVVH TV,New York WPXN TV,Los Angeles KPXN TV,Chicago WCPX TV,Philadelphia WPPX TV,Philadelphia, PA WCHE Radio,Dallas-Ft. Worth KTXA TV,Dallas-Ft. Worth KPXD TV,Dallas Ion Network TV,San Francisco KKPX TV,San Francisco Ion Network TV,Boston WBPX TV,Boston, MA Ion Network TV,Boston, MA WFXT TV,Boston, MA WXBR Radio,Atlanta WUPA TV,Atlanta WPXA TV,Atlanta Ion Network TV, Washington,DC WPXW TV,Washington, DC Ion Network TV,Atlanta, GA WDUN Radio,Houston KTBU TV,Houston KPXB TV,Houston Ion Network TV,Detroit WADL TV,Detroit WPXD TV,Phoenix (Prescott) KAZT TV,Phoenix KPPX TV,Phoenix, AZ Ion Network TV,Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota) WTOG TV,Tampa WXPX TV,Tampa Ion Network TV,Seattle KHCV TV,Seattle KWPX TV,Seattle Ion Network TV,Minneapolis KPXM TV,Minneapolis Ion Network TV,Miami WPXM TV,Cleveland-Akron (Canton) WBNX TV,Cleveland WVPX TV,Cleveland, OH Ion Network TV,Denver KPXC TV,Denver,CO Ion Network TV,Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn WRDQ TV,Orlando WOPX TV,Orlando, FL Ion Network TV,Sacramento KSPX TV,Sacramento, CA Ion Network TV,St. Louis KPLR TV,St. Louis Ion Network TV,St. Louis KPLR TV,Pittsburgh, PA Ion Network TV,Orlando, FL WRHB Radio,Portland KPXG TV,Portland, OR Ion Network TV,Baltimore, MD Ion Network TV,Charlotte Ion Network TV,Indianapolis WIPX TV,Indianapolis Ion Network TV,San Diego Ion Network TV,Raleigh-Durham WFPX TV,Hartford WHPX TV,Raleigh-Durham Ion Network TV,Nashville WKAG TV,Raleigh, NC WNCR Ind,Nashville, TN WNPX TV,Kansas City KPXE TV,Columbus, OH Ion Network TV,Cincinnati, OH Ion Network TV,Milwaukee WPXE TV,Columbus, OH WQEL Radio,Milwaukee WMLW TV,Salt Lake City KUPX TV,Salt Lake City, UT Ion Network TV,Greenville-Ashville-Spartanburg WNEG TV,Greenville Ion Network TV,San Antonio KPXL TV,San Antonio, TX KABB TV,West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce WTVX TV,West Palm Beach WPXP TV,West Palm Beach Ion Network TV,Grand Rapids WZPX TV,Harrisburg, PA WPMT TV,Brimingham WVUA TV,Birmingham WPXH TV,Birmingham, AL Ion Network TV,Harrisburg Ion Network TV,Las Vegas KTUD TV,Norfolk WPXV TV,Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws WGNT TV,Las Vegas, NV Ion Network TV,Albuquerque-Santa Fe KWBQ TV,Albuquerque Ion Network TV,Oklahoma City KAUT TV,Oklahoma City, OK KOPX TV,Oklahoma City Ion Network TV,Greensboro WCWG TV,Greensboro WGPX TV,Greensboro, NC Ion Network TV,Jacksonville WCWJ TV,Louisville, KY Ion Network TV,Jacksonville WPXC TV,Jacksonville Ion Network TV,Louisville WBKI TV,Buffalo WPXJ TV,Buffalo Ion Network TV,Austin, TX Ion Network TV,Providence-New Bedford WLWC TV,Providence WPXQ TV,New Orleans WUPL TV,New Orleans WPXL TV,Wilkes Barre-Scranton WYOU TV,Wilkes Barre WQPX TV,Wilkes Barre Ion Network TV,Fresno, CA Ion Network TV,Albany WYPX TV,Albany, NY Ion Network TV,Little Rock, AR Ion Network TV,Knoxville, TN WPXK TV,Knoxville, TN Ion Network TV,Knoxville WBXX TV,Richmond Ion Network TV,Mobile-Pensacola (Ft Walt) WFGX TV,Tulsa KTPX TV,Tulsa Ion Network TV,Mobile, AL-Pensacola, FL Ion Network TV,Ft. Myers-Naples WXCW TV,Dayton Ion Network TV,Ft. Myers/Naples Ion Network TV,Dayton WBDT TV,Lexington,Ky WUPX TV,Lexington, NY Ion Network TV,Charleston,WV WLPX TV,Charleston Hunt Ion Network TV,Flint Ion Network TV,Flint, MI WNEM TV,Roanoke WFXR TV,Roanoke WPXR TV,Roanoke Ion Network TV,Roanoke, VA WAMV TV,Tucson (Sierra Vista) KWBA TV,Tucson, AZ Ion Network TV,Wichita Ion Network TV,Green Bay-Appleton WIWB TV,Green Bay Ion Network TV,Des Moines KFPX TV,Des Moines, IA Ion Network TV,Green Bay, WI WFON Radio,Toledo, OH Ion Network TV,Honolulu KPXO TV,Springfield, MO Ion Network TV,Omaha Ion Network TV,Portland, ME Ion Network TV,Portland-Auburn WPFO TV,Spokane KGPX TV,Rochester, NY Ion Network TV,Paducah Ion Network TV,Syracuse WSPX TV,Syracuse Ion Network TV,Columbia, SC Ion Network TV,Huntsville WZDX TV,Shreveport Ion Network TV,Champaign&Sprngfld-Decatur WBUI TV,Huntsville, AL Ion Network TV,Champaign Ion Network TV,Madison WBUW TV,Madison, WI Ion Network TV,Chattanooga, TN Ion Network TVm,Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA KSFE TV,Cedar Rapids, IA KPXR TV,Cedar Rapids, IA Ion Network TV,South Bend WCWW TV,South Bend Ion Network TV,Cedar Rapids, IA KGAN TV,Jackson WDBD TV,Jackson, MS Ion Network TV,Colorado Springs-Pueblo KXRM TV,Tri-Cities Ion Network TV,Tri-Cities WCYB TV,Burlington Ion Network TV,Colorado Springs Ion Network TV,Baton Rouge, LA Ion Network TV,Waco Ion Network TV,Davenport Ion Network TV,Savannah Ion Network TV,El Paso Ion Network TV,Johnstown Ion Network TV,Charleston, SC Ion Network TV,Johnstown-Altoona-St Colge WHVL TV,Evansville Ion Network TV,Evansville WAZE TV,Fort Smith, AR Ion Network TV,Lincoln & Hastings Ion Network TV,Tallahassee-Thomasville WTLF TV,Greenville,NC WEPX TV,Charleston,SC Ion Network TV,Lincoln & Hastings-Krny KCWL TV,Youngstown Ion Network TV,Ft. 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