Organizing and Packing Slides for Shipment

Posted by ed oboyle on Sun, Mar 07, 2010 @ 08:16 AM
Organizing and Packing Slides for ShipmentPreparing and packaging 35mm Slides for shipment to FotoBridge can be simple and fast.

If you are sending slides in carousels, keep in the original boxes and pack tightly in larger boxes while protecting from moisture with a single layer of bubble wrap or plastic inside the shipping box. See here for additional information about our Carousel & Tray Service and be sure to select this option when placing your order online.

Removing slides from carousels, trays, slides pages and cartridges allows for effective  organization, safety and efficient shipping. But prior to packing, we suggest you determine if image file sequence and ordering are important on the media (DVD/CD/Mobile Drive, etc.) you receive from FotoBridge. Keep in mind, once you receive your newly digital photos you can copy them to your computer, make multiple backup copies and rename, re-sort and reorganize your digital images using a variety of methods and tools (see here for additional info on files).

If initial image sequence  is important, organize slides in groups of 50 to 100 slides and assign a value and/or a short description to each group. We suggest the values and descriptions you select naturally sort to the order you desire. For groups of 50 or more slides, FotoBridge will create the image file name based upon the values/descriptions (25 characters or less) you assign. For example:

"01 1969 Grand Canyon 001",    "01 1969 Grand Canyon 002", ..........    "01 1969 Grand Canyon 051"

Tagging groups and indicating a start slide (or "top") for each group is all that's required. Groups can be bundled with rubber bands and placed in plastic bags or loosely placed in plastic bags with a tag per bag. Empty foil or wrap cartons can also be used to easily sequence and tag slides. Sequencing and file naming requires documenting the request in your online order comments field when placing your order online.

Organizing and Packing Slides for Shipment Organizing and Packing Slides for Shipment Organizing and Packing Slides for Shipment

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