Kodak - Live Forever

Posted by ed oboyle on Sun, Feb 08, 2009 @ 09:26 AM
kodakxx1Does today's economic turmoil spell the end for Eastman Kodak?  A perfect storm about to swallow the 130-year-old venrated tall-ship of all things photography and popular imaging?  No doubt, Kodak's business is deteriorating - crippled in the last few years by a slow move to digital and declining traditional film markets, now Kodak's critics are asking where the value lies.  Last week, CEO Antonio Perez acknowledged the ongoing problematic transitions but held up hope for digital.  Mr. Perez said he was "very happy with the perfomance of digital" in the first 3 quarters if 2008.  In an abrupt turnabout, the consumer sales swooned in Q4 - causing Kodak to rethink it's strategy and prepare to eliminate up to 4,500 jobs.

Well, we ceratinly hope and pray better days are on the horizon for Kodak.  Why?  We are hard-pressed to think of another company that has devised and popularized so many products that strike at the heart of our collective American experience - our memories, our lives, our families, our history in images.  Kodak's legacy is a trillion slices of life - fiercely guarded, treasured, preserved and shared among the national family that is us.

We stumbled upon this Kodak video clip, its strikes a chord for us and captures our sense of wonder and gratitude for the legacy that is Kodak.

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