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Posted by ed oboyle on Tue, Feb 10, 2009 @ 10:57 AM
color balance2Creating quality digital images from more traditional photographic mediums like prints and film may seem straight forward.  That is, of course until you start to tackle the task and discover how many things you can get wrong.  Image quality itself can be hard to define with all the factors adding and detracting from our perception of an image. Clearly, digitizing photographic prints, film negatives and slides presents a whole host of challenges.  Many of the potential pitfalls have analogous problems with good old fashioned photography such as tone reproduction, still some live only in the digital world like compression.  We know there is definately an art to this science, informed by experience, specific knowledge and aided by technology.  

So whether your launching your own scanning project, reveiwing digital images for enjoyment or about to engage a scanning service to finally archive your vast, treasured family photo collection - we believe there are ways to maximize the benefits of digitization.  Knowledge is key.  Thats why we'll endeavour to share tidbits about what we've learned about creating great digital images in the Scan Tips Series.  The series will cover common problems, how to best reproduce tone, filters and settings, resolution, color balance, bit depth considerations, minimizing noise, effective sharpening, common terms and much, much more.

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