Slides & Negatives Scan Resolution and Printing

Posted by ed oboyle on Sun, Feb 15, 2009 @ 09:55 AM
slide2135mm Slides and Negatives scanned with future printing in mind require scan resolutions that properly match the intended print sizes, as with other scanned mediums.  Current packages offered by FotoBridge for 35mm Slides and Negatives include scan options at 2000dpi, 3000dpi, and 4000dpi. Understanding and planning for the maxiumum potential print size will help you choose which scan resolution is right for you. Choosing higher dpi options may be advised if you are uncertain because it is not a problem to down-sample a large file, but going the other way is impossible without quality loss. dpi 52 300x142The table indicates the approximate image size in pixels for scanning typical 35mm slides and negatives and resulting print sizes based upon print resolutions at both 300dpi and 150dpi.  Actual sizes may vary depending upon actual final image sizes. Scans of 35mm Slides and Negatives at 2000dpi create JPEGs of approximately 3MB in file size. A single DVD can therefore hold approximately 1,500 3MB files.

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