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Posted by ed oboyle on Mon, Mar 16, 2009 @ 08:14 AM
grn pltGreen business is a natural at FotoBridge.  If there was ever a way to be constantly reminded of just how important earth-aware practices are, we've got it. Picture this: our daily passion of tranforming thousands upon thousands of photographs, many of which capture rare, often unseen natural beauty of our shared planet.  So among all the smug mugs, treasured family moments, and milestone events captured in color, black & white and sepia is a plethera of awe-inspiring reminders of the fagility we must protect.  

For us, that means constantly finding new and innovation ways to conserve engery, use and consume less and support earth friendly programs beyond our direct influence. a recycle reuse reduce1 150x150How does this translate today at FotoBridge? Practical efficiencies that not only help us fufill our earth-friendly mission, but make darn good business sense. Our automated and digital systems were designed from the bottom up not only to allow us to deliver exceptional security, quality and value ..but to also take up less space and use less enegery than traditional platforms.  The adoption of paperless techniques wherever possible helps us drive down consumption.  Shipping and recieving offers huge opportunities for us to practice what we preach.  Among them are reusing ship-safe boxes, all packing materials and recycling anything we can't reuse.  So if that box you recieve from us doesn't quite meet the apperance expectation you might have for a world-class, big brand, global technology company - we can assure you of two things: 1) we certify and gurantee it is more than safe to protect your one-of-a-kind photos on their jorney back to you, and 2) you can help us by reusing or recycling the boxes and packing you recieve from us.  Together, we make a difference.

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