The Profession of Photo Organizing is Growing and Creating New Opportunities

Posted by ed oboyle on Mon, Mar 05, 2012 @ 05:13 AM
scanning photos and professional photo orgarizerDo you love photos and stories? Photo Organizing may not be a profession you've heard of, but in recent years, as smart phones and digital cameras have become commonplace, Professional Photo Organizing has become an increasingly popular profession.

Becoming a Personal Photo Organizer (PPO) requires time, patience, dedication, and enough creativity to be able to sift through an overwhelming amount of images to find the stories buried beneath the clutter.  From preserving treasured memories by scanning photos to creating new ways to share the stories, photo organizing can also be very rewarding.

For some, preserving, archiving, and organizing photos comes intuitively, but many need guidance. This is where a PPO comes in. As a professional, PPOs have the unique opportunity to help people regain control of their photos and memories, and showcase them in a beautiful, meaningful way.

If Photo Organizing is your passion, now is the time to turn this talent into more than just a hobby. There is a profitable career in helping others organize, curate, and display their photos.

If your creative juices are flowing, you may want to consider joining the Association of Professional Photo Organizers (Appo), a thriving network of professionals trained in the art of visual story telling who provide photo organizers with career and skill-building tools, and offer a hands-on supportive community. If you’re ready to take control of your hobby, find out more about becoming a PPO in your area.

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