Organizing your Photos for a Photo Scanning Service

Posted by ed oboyle on Mon, Dec 10, 2012 @ 02:13 PM

Okay - you've finally decided to take the plunge and get those boxes of photos scanned by a professional photo scanning service. Whew! Now how do you get them ready? Photo scanning services like FotoBridge have great information for prepapring your photos to send off for digitizing. Once you get started you will see how easy it is and the rewards are amazing! 

So let's get started!

  • photo-scanning-serviceGather and organize photos into groups of 100 to 200. Generally, a stack of 100 photo prints will be about one inch high. If possible, group similar size photos in the same group. This will protect the edge from getting bent. You can also place a piece of cardboard behind them if the grouping of prints has different sizes.

  • Put each grouping of photos in a plastic bag (zip bags are great for this) and seal. Make sure that the photos do not have any backing or mounting materials on them. 

  • Wrap each bag in bubble wrap or other protective material before boxing.

See?? That wasn't hard at all - was it? A lot better than sitting in front of the scanner for the next 2 weeks and then still having to burn all those image files to disc - photo scanning services like FotoBridge take all the work out of getting your treasured photos scanned and onto discs.

But what if you want your pictures scanned in a sequence? That's easy too. Read below to find out how!

If maintaining sequence is required, be sure each group is arranged so that the top is the first photo and each group is tagged with a sequence scheme (e.g. A, B, C.. 1,2,3, etc).  You can further organize your collection by placing a titled index card as the first of a group (1 for every 100 photos will not be counted against your scan total quantity).  The sequence and groups, along with the title index cards (e.g. "1975 Grand Canyon Trip", "50th Anniversary Party", etc.) will provide organization by position.  Be sure to request we maintain order in your online order comments field.  There are no restrictions on the JPEG image files you receive from FotoBridge - you can duplicate, edit, reorganize, folder, tag, etc. once the files are copied to a computer.  Please click here for additional information about files.  Also see here for file size and storage guidelines.

So what did we learn? 

  • Getting your photos ready to send to a photo scanning service is not hard - in fact it's pretty easy!

  • You will need to get a box of zip top bags or other bags to sort them into for shipping

  • Cardboard in the bags will help stabilize your photos during shipment

  • If you want the photos scanned in a sequence, just package them in that order with an index card and let FotoBridge know in the comments of your order

Need more information on FotoBridge's photo scanning services? - click here to get started! or check out our ebook---


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