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Posted by ed oboyle on Sun, May 02, 2010 @ 06:55 AM

Photo of Ed O'Boyle in Las VegasThe In2Digital Blog is all about advocating and accelerating the inevitable transformation of our world's visual heritage from aging legacy mediums to safer, more usable and accessible digital form. 

In2Digital is an initiative headed by Ed O'Boyle, founder of FotoBridge.com, aimed at providing an engaging place to share information, experiences and opinions on digitally preserving especially large collections of valuable photographs and movies. In just a few short years, FotoBridge has established itself among a few leading organizations at the forefront of developing and delivering innovative, practical and affordable ways to digitally preserve valuable content trapped in outmoded and fragile forms. From photo scanning, slides scanning, digitizing negatives to digitally preserving movie film and video, In2Digital aims to inform and challenge.  

"Expediting, advocating and helping to lead the growing movement to digitally reclaim on-of-a-kind content is important work.  For professional photographers, it often means protecting and monetizing a life’s work.  Each and everyday.... institutions, organizations, and businesses are mining content assets from legacy collections by recapturing, reusing and repurposing content they already own.  Photo prints and film fade. It’s a fact.  Damage and complete loss are real possibilities - let's get to work!" - Ed O'Boyle

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