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Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Jan 16, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

photo scanning serviceIt’s not surprising now to find “pet parents” showing off their pet the same way they do their children, from pictures of pets stored in wallets to framed photos. Relaying how important our pets are, though, can go far beyond a picture in a wallet or framed photo. Thanks to advancements in photography, technology and photo scanning, we’re able to freeze both our old and new pets in moments of time and demonstrate the impact they’ve had on our lives in a multitude of ways.

If you have digital images of your pets, you’re ready to do a plethora of different projects. Whether it’s a current or past pet though, if you have print photos of your pets, you need to preserve them immediately by digitizing them, which can now easily be done by utilizing a photo scanning service. Once you digitize photos of your pets, you’ll be rushing to do some of these great pet photography projects.

3 DIY Photo Projects of Pets Made Possible by a Photo Scanning Service

1.) See Spot in a Whole New Light: Pet Photograpy Art

Photos and paintings from times long ago depict pets with their owners, from kings and queens to those who, at one time, were considered the “social elite.” That trend never died, and in fact, incorporating pet photography into art may have even gone a step further. Using pet photography in different types of art – many made possible thanks to digital images and using a photo scanning service has become all the rage.

For example, consider this DIY silhouette pet print. With just a photo of your pet, some photo editing software, and a printer, you can capture the silhouette of your pet, preserving the profile you love so much and also gaining a great piece of wall décor. 

Another big trend now is customized pet portraits, particularly in vivid, swirling colors, which are created from a photograph. The portraits can be done in a variety of ways, from watercolor to acrylic paintings.

What if you’re not great at painting yet want unique wall décor that’s a little more detailed and intricate than a pet silhouette? No worries – there are some great artists you can find to do such portraits on websites such as ETSY.

You can still have a hand in the creation of the portrait though, and you can also get “traditional style” pet portraits. Although some watercolor or acrylic paintings depict only the dog and add “wild” embellishment, there are artists who paint more detailed portraits based off of what photo you provide. Such artists paint the portrait exactly like the photo, meaning you can edit your pet’s photo until achieving the “look” you want. These are great for those wanting something special to commemorate an animal they unfortunately lost years ago, especially if they owned the pet before digital cameras were the norm and only have printed pet photos. If that’s your case, you definitely want to get such photos to a photo scanning service so you’ll not only have photos of your beloved pet preserved digitally, but also preserved in a truly unique piece of art. 

2.) Print Photos

You may be thinking “obviously,” but unfortunately, many people have all of their old print photos stashed away somewhere, and many of those print photos have a pet in them. If those photos aren’t digitized, you’re missing out on being able to print them, share them, utilize them, put them on display, and you’re at risk of losing them.

Unlike the digitized photos we’re used to seeing from digital cameras, there’s no chance of getting print photos back if something happens to them – they’re your one copy and therefore your hard copy, and you need that hard copy backed up by digitizing them via today’s great technology, especially the technology a photo scanning service has.

3.) Pet Portraits

If you’re interested in photography, photos are an entire other exciting project to do, and you can learn how to take great photos of pets since that can be challenging sometimes. Once you’ve mastered taking action shots of your pet and stage some fun “themes” for your pet’s “photoshoots,” you can edit them with photo editing software, print them and frame them so they’re on display for everyone to see. If you’ve had a lot of pets or just want to show off your pet’s adorable face, you could easily dedicate an entire wall to pet photographs. 

4.) Memorial Plaques

photo scanning serviceIt’s unfortunate, but one day odds are you will have to say goodbye to your pet, and the accompanying sadness isn’t even close to what you felt after watching Marley and Me. When that day comes, you will realize just how much your pet affected your life, and for that reason, your pet deserves a proper memorial. The days of burying a pet in an unmarked area or merely erecting a small cross of sticks to mark the spot are largely gone – many pet owners now opt for some kind of memorial and also more “traditional” resting places. 

The best pet memorials now are ones that have a picture of your pet engraved into it or placed upon it using other methods, such as the one seen in this tutorial for the quick and easy DIY version. 

If it’s too upsetting for you to create your pet’s memorial plaque or stone, there are plenty of places you can buy one from, such as the one seen here. You simply upload your pet’s photo and any other info you want on it, and it’s custom made for you and your best friend.

Preserve the Memory of Your Beloved Companion

Whether photos of your past and current pets are already digitized but are collecting dust in online storage space, or if your print photos are literally collecting dust in storage and need to be sent to a photo scanning service, they deserve having a place in our everyday world. Through digital photos, there’s no limit as to how you can capture your relationship with your best friend, from beginning to end.  

Ready to digitize photos of your pet? Click the link below to get started!

Convert photos to digital at FotoBridge Photo Credit: Flickr, So Crafty on Squidoo

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