3 Ways to Digitize Photos from Past Holidays

Posted by Julie Morris on Tue, Jan 14, 2014 @ 07:34 AM

digitize photosDad carving the turkey, children checking for Santa’s cookie crumbs, Grandpa taking a catnap, and the funny face Aunt Betty makes when singing Christmas carols – this past holiday’s family photos are preserved and stored on memory cards, phones and social media. But what will you do with them now?

Years ago, they’d perhaps still be un-developed film rolls or already shoved into boxes. Now, the classic holiday family photos we love are conveniently and instantly at our fingertips as digitized photos -- meaning there’s no good excuse for letting them waste away in digital storage.

Enjoying treasured past holiday family photos isn’t limited to the holidays either; there’s an unlimited amount of great projects using photos, whether taken ten years ago or a month ago.

To get started, place new holiday photos into one digital storage space. Next, send print holiday photos to a professional scanning service to digitize photos. After you digitize photos, you’ll be ready to start some fun projects that use both old and new holiday photos! 

3 Fun Projects to Try After You Digitize Photos of Family Holiday Memories

#1: Create collages, online albums, scrapbooks, slideshows, photobooks and more

After you digitize photos from past years to use with newer photos, you can create collages, online albums and scrapbooks, slideshows and photobooks of holiday memories to share with family.

Creating these projects is easier than ever thanks to affordable, user-friendly tools like photo editing software and online digital storage. Other tools include websites where you can create professional-looking books with photos and text. You are also able to create DVD slideshows versus “outdated” CD slideshows, as DVDs allow you to create multi-media albums and presentations by combining pictures, sound, graphics, text and even short video clips.

Continue updating your virtual displays annually with new holiday photos, creating a lifetime family archive of cherished holiday memories to enjoy at holiday family gatherings year after year. 

#2: Create a “Best of 2013/Year in Review” Project

Everyone loves a good “year in review” montage, whether it’s visual or written. Typically around the beginning of December tons of blog posts, YouTube videos and photo slideshows dedicated to this start popping up, from leading news stories to the worst and best dressed celebrities.

We suggest doing your family’s version of a “Best of 2013” mash-up, but of course you can’t do a true “year in review” until the year is officially over – meaning anything that happens during the largest part of the holiday season could be left out.

All of the best moments come at family holiday gatherings, from Christmas-time proposals or first-time turkey appointees committing classic turkey-cooking fails; this is the perfect project to put new photos in your collection to good use. This project is great also since the angles, themes and media you can use are limitless, and you could create one or many projects.

After Christmas is over, you can create one in the form of any project mentioned in #1, or something different like calendars for the New Year (here are some great DIY photo calendar ideas!). You can get really creative with a year in review project, tailoring it to your family members specifically; this year-end project is sure to be enjoyable when making it!

#3: DIY New Year Cards & Thank You Cards 

digitize photosPeople are often bombarded with Christmas cards during the holiday season. One way to ensure your holiday card stands out from the rest is by sending customized “Best Wishes for the New Year” cards utilizing new and/or past holiday family photos. Additionally, everyone appreciates a thank you note, which may also be customized with holiday photos.

Once the holidays and family gatherings are over, choose favorite holiday photos and create custom thank-you and New Year cards. You can make your own (as seen in this great tutorial, which includes a fantastic, free printable file to use), but if you’re not really a DIY-er, you can order customized photo and thank you cards from sites like Paper-Source.com or SnapFish.com.

If you want to go all out, you can also make envelopes using your favorite holiday pictures as envelope liners. These envelopes are also perfect for sending other family holiday photo projects you’ve created – or a giftcard to a photo scanning service if your family member needs to digitize photos of their own!

Short on time? Try apps like Postcards on the Run  upload a photo and write a message from your phone, and postcards will be sent to recipients by mail! 

Instead of only sharing recent holiday memories via social media, use both old and new holiday family photos to create a family tradition that’s truly unique. 

Looking for more ways to share your digitized photos? Check out this free ebook, "25 Ways to Share Your Digital Photos".


Photo Credit: Donald Windley on Flickr, Weddingbee

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