How to Use a Photo Scanning Service to Recreate Winter Memories

Posted by Julie Morris on Mon, Jan 06, 2014 @ 07:00 AM
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No matter where you live, you’ve undoubtedly already created a few perfect holiday/winter memories that you've captured on film.

But what do you do with all of the pictures every year? Do you just post them to social media, show them to your co-workers, or absent-mindedly let them sit on memory cards? What about printed photographs of winters past – are they kept hidden in a box somewhere?

The magic of winter and the wonderful memories it creates are too precious to leave undiscovered on your smartphone or even worse to yellow in storage.

Thanks to the accessibility of photo scanning service technology and editing software, you can take all of your favorite winter memories and create incredible gifts, archives, or just create fun projects to enjoy year after year. Here are some great ways to recreate those winter memories. Enjoy!

3 Ways a Photo Scanning Service Can Recreate Your Winter Memories

1.) Winter Wonderland Slideshow

This is a wintry mix anyone will love – maybe photos from your childhood resemble A Christmas Story, or maybe you just outgrew Barbie and Tonka trunks last year, but regardless, gathering photos of you and your loved ones’ winter photographs and creating an eclectic mix of past and present winter memories is sure to be enjoyed by anyone.

If you have holiday gatherings coming up, ask guests to send you images of their favorite winter photographs beforehand and gather around the fire for this extra special collage, helping to re-create those feelings only winter can bring.

You could also start a winter tradition – give the gift of a photo scanning service this year and purchase a gift card so your loved ones can begin creating an archive of winter photographs. They can update it each year as life’s greatest events unfold and sharing it at gatherings and in online scrapbooks.

Additionally, so many great slideshow options are now available by using DVDs. You can add music, text and graphics to make an extra special show – perhaps even adding some falling snow!

2.) That Was Then, This Is Now

In homes across the world, photo albums are filled with photos of children on Santa’s knee at Christmas, sledding down that perfect local hill, and other classic moments that can only be captured at the office Christmas party.

The perfect gift for anyone (aside from a photo scanning service gift certificate, of course!) is a classic one – a side by side portrait duo, either framed and matted in a classic frame, or for a more modern spin, a digital frame. If you want to have some extra fun, most photo editing software programs will allow you to add graphics or text.

3.) Count-Down Calendar

You can recreate winter memories by doing a variety of DIY photo projects, but one that will really put this special time of year on display is a countdown calendar.

Send all of your favorite winter pictures to a photo scanning service and then use the digitized images to create a collage and month long for calendar for each winter month. There are a lot of different variations you could take with this project, such as creating an Advent-style calendar for the holiday season, except instead of candy for each day, open a little “door” to reveal a diffeent winter memory!

Even though winter is different for all of us, we can all relate to its magic. Whether your winter is full of snow or red bows and garland strung along palm trees, winter is always special.

We'd love to be a part of bringing those special moments back to life. If these ideas got your creative juices flowing and you are ready to get the process going, simply click on the button now. 

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