Why Does a Photo Scanning Gift Certificate Make a Great Holiday Gift?

Posted by Julie Morris on Mon, Dec 23, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

photo scanningYou promised yourself last year that you wouldn’t put Christmas shopping off until the last minute ever again. You told yourself you wouldn’t do so because last minute shopping usually resulted in “impersonal” gift certificates. Regardless of when you finally complete Christmas shopping though, there actually is one gift certificate you can buy for absolutely anyone on your list that’s far from impersonal and that will only take a couple clicks of a mouse – a photo scanning service gift certificate.

Not only is the gift of a photo scanning service incredibly unique (we dare anyone to top it, diamonds included!), you’re giving a gift that can be passed down for generations to come. Best of all, it’s undeniably the perfect gift for anyone, from Grandma to your friend who’s a professional photographer!

A Photo Scanning Service Gift Certificate: The Perfect Present for Anyone

Maybe you’re telling yourself, “A photo scanning service gift certificate is a great idea, but Aunt Betty is an avid arts and crafts hobbyist who makes things with her hands, not Photoshop! Grandma doesn’t even have a Facebook account, and my friend is a professional photographer and tech-head who’s definitely already sent every photograph they have to a photo scanning service!”

With the wide array of different photo scanning service packages, options, and add-ons though, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few reasons why a photo scanning service gift certificate truly is perfect for anyone on your list.

The DIY-er

Crafts have come a long way from macaroni and sticky fingers. Here’s a challenge: think of absolutely any craft or art project you want, and then do a quick search for it plus the word “photograph.” Thanks to great new technology, photo scanning service options, and some great ingenuity, anything you could possibly create can now have a photo put on it or utilized in some way!

From holiday decorations to everyday home décor, office accessories, or even clothing, there are so many projects you can use photographs for. Regardless of who the DIY-er is in your life, young or old, a photo scanning service gift certificate is perfect. To inspire them even more, check out our blog for tons of great DIY photo projects and create a list of projects for them!

The Technology Geek or Photographer

We know quite a few professional photographers, photo organizers, and technology junkies, and every single one of them still utilizes a photo scanning service for one purpose or another. Maybe you need to buy a gift for a professional photographer, or even just an amateur photographer.

Professional and amateur photographers love digitizing print photos now because of all the things they can do with photo editing software. Experienced photographers can take old prints and create new art utilizing tools like filter effects; the tech-head will love completing their electronic, digital universe; and amateur photographers can confidently try out classic photo processing knowing they can archive and digitize prints easily!

The Family Archivist

If your recipient doesn’t fall under one of the first two categories, odds are they’ll fall under this one – the person who loves their family and friends and who wants to keep every treasured memory and moment with them intact. Sound like anyone you know?

A photo scanning service gift certificate is the ultimate gift for those who simply want to preserve the past through photographs, and who doesn’t? It’s like giving the keys to the kingdom to any family’s unofficial “preservationist” or “archivist!”

Ready to Give the Most Unique Gift?

No matter who is on your list this year, and no matter how late you wait to buy their presents, a photo scanning service gift certificate is the only gift that will truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

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