Why Every Family Needs a Family Archivist to Digitize Photos

Posted by ed oboyle on Tue, Dec 24, 2013 @ 08:49 AM

digitize photosHow often have you uttered the words, “I will never forget this moment!” only to discover years down the road that the details of that event have faded in your memory?

Whether you like it or not, your memory will fade. Details will become spotty. You tell yourself that you’ll remember all of the details of a time and place; however, your memory will build those details as it wishes, not as it really was.

It is important to archive memories, not just in the mind, but in photographs to pass those moments on to our families, friends and to future generations.

Nowadays, the majority of our photos are kept in our phone, sporadically on our computer or on a virtual wall. A lot of our older photos are just that – old – and can’t be accessed easily with today’s technology. If you want to preserve those memories as well as pass them on to future generations then it’s time to declare an archivist of the family (nudge, nudge – most likely YOU!).

A Family Archivist is the Memory Preserver

The previous generation of your family most likely had a few great archivists, also known as documentarians. Your mother probably took dozens of picture slides with yearly anticipation of sitting down with the family to watch the slide reels over and over.

Now, with some years under your belt, you probably realize how important these photos are - all the memories that were captured in the timeline of life.

A Family Archivists Will Help Shape the Narrative of Future Generations

A crucial responsibility of a family archivist is how much pictures will affect and shape the lives of children. By showing children pictures of relatives that they rarely see or may never have seen, the visualization helps them locate their own place in the complex and unfolding generational narrative.

digitize photosThe family photo album provides a sense of continuity between the past and the present. The album and the explanations behind the photos are significant because they contain key understandings of our life today. 

Documentarians Keep Loved Ones Near…Always

After a death, preserving photo memories becomes even more important. To be able to see a person again is a way of remembering him or her. It triggers the other senses that were in relation to being with that person bringing the viewer back to that exact moment in time.

The Steps to Becoming the Family Archivist to Digitize Photos

1.) Let your family members know that you’ll take on the role.

2.) Gather your old photos and slides from your collection and the collections of your other family members and use the most reliable photo scanning service to digitize photos.

3.) Complete the simple online ordering process by confirming your package selections and printing your order confirmation.

4.) Package and send your photos to your chosen photo scanning service. 

5.) Receive the return shipment that includes everything - your original photos and new high-quality digital images and selected products.

6.) Begin enjoying your role as the family archivist and sharing your treasured, irreplaceable photo collection and lifetime memories digitally (on the web, with email, on your favorite online forums, etc.).

While you explore and experiment with the myriad of digital possibilities, you are secure in the fact that your lifetime collection of photos are now preserved forever - safe from loss or destruction, and better than ever. 


Photo Credit: Flickr

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