Photo Scanning Holiday Gift Guide: Home Decor

Posted by Julie Morris on Thu, Dec 19, 2013 @ 09:30 AM

What gift can you give to that person who has everything? To newlyweds? To new parents, new and old friends, grandparents, parents – well, to anyone on your gift list? You can’t go wrong with any of our favorite DIY photo gifts that also serve double duty as home décor!

Check out our guide to the best DIY home décor photo gifts, complete with helpful tutorials to guide you through making each. Keep it on hand for years to come too – between a new year's photos and cherished past photos digitized by a photo scanning service, you’ll never run out of present ideas again.

10 Home Decor Photo Scanning Gifts

1.) Photo Blankets 

Loved ones can wrap themselves in treasured memories for years to come with this gift. It’s not the complicated DIY photo project many people think it is; this project is essentially the same method used for transferring photos to t-shirts.

Choose a new photo or have older print photos digitized by using a photo scanning service, and transfer the images onto fabric with iron-on transfer paper. With photo editing software, resize one image or choose several images to transfer onto fabric pieces to make a quilt or collage, or add designs or borders; you’ll have a blanket that also warms the heart! 

2.) Coasters

Coasters are the perfect “out of the box” picture frame, and the perfect DIY Christmas home décor present. Everything you’ll need is available at local crafts stores, and this photo present is especially great because you can choose several different photos to transfer to a set of coaster tiles. Additionally, personalize them even more by tweaking them to the recipient’s home décor theme – sand them down for a rustic, shabby chic look or choose clean-edged, sleek tiles for the modernist!

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3.) Photographs On Marble/Rocks

There are a lot of options and many different spins you could take with this unique DIY photo project. You could use cracked marble and tile pieces as seen in this tutorial, or use bigger pieces to transfer larger, more complex images onto.

Simpler digitized images are best to use for this project when done on a smaller scale. For this project, you’ll want a wide assortment of photos to choose from, as you can create complete collections, or after mastering the method used, use the rocks or marble to create other great DIY projects.

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4.) Shadowbox Magnets

If you’ve recently used a photo scanning service and now have tons of digitized photos, this is the perfect DIY project to use them for. The supplies needed are economical and minimal, and they’re quick and easy to make, so you could utilize countless printed photos and create complete, themed collections catered especially for recipients! 

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5.) Pillows 

Everyone just wants their loved ones to have a warm, safe place to rest their heads at night, and these pillows do that and more by adding the personal touch of treasured memories.

There are a few different DIY methods to choose from depending on the desired finished product, but all require minimal supplies. Once you’ve mastered the art of transferring images to fabric, you’ll have no problem printing a beloved quote and transferring it to another pillow to make the perfect pair. 

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6.) Photo Table Runner 

Not only is this a fun DIY project that adds a special touch to any home’s décor, it’s one of the best conversation pieces for any dinner table! This is possibly the best DIY décor gift for family members playing host for the holidays – it’s a one of a kind gift topping anything you’ll find at Pottery Barn! 

7.) Decoupage Photograph Monogram Letter 

This is the perfect gift for anyone, as it’s a versatile piece of décor that can be used so many ways. If new parents or new homeowners are on your list this year though, this is the perfect DIY gift (in addition to a gift card to a photo scanning service, of course!)

Single, pre-cut, wooden letters are available at craft supply stores in varying sizes, and are usually wallet-friendly. Choose smaller sizes to spell out entire words or names, varied sizes to create a funky, eclectic look, and have fun choosing all of the photos you’ll decoupage letters with. It’s a great DIY project to put all those new digitized images from a photo scanning service to use for and recipients will L-O-V-E their gift!

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8.) Candles

Many are surprised to learn that photos can be transferred onto candles so easily, and this extremely personalized DIY photo décor gift just requires pillar candles, an iron, regular printer and tissue paper, and printed photos.

Tape tissue paper to a sheet of printer paper, resize and edit photos to desired specifications, and iron on. This project will definitely motivate you to send print photos to a photo scanning service – you’ll never want to stop making these for everyone you know!   

9.) Candlestick Photo Holders

Hit up thrift stores and bargain stores for this project – it’s quick, economical, and can be catered to anyone’s décor!

After sending printed photos to a photo scanning service for preservation, those originals need somewhere to be displayed instead of going back in a box – with spray paint, candlestick holders, corks, and thick wire (wine corks and wire hangers are absolutely okay to use!), you can create these really unique photo holders.

(Tip: If you’re buying someone a photo scanning service gift card, stick the gift card on top of one of these – excellent preservation!)

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10.) Lampshades

This DIY décor present will help perfectly light up any room and the heart of the recipient too. Most craft stores sell self-adhesive shades and nightlights, and you’ll also need hot glue or spray adhesive, vellum paper, photos and editing software to create a collage with, and a printer. Print the photo collage onto the vellum paper, follow the steps in the tutorial for attaching it, and you’ll have a unique present recipients will enjoy all year. 

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The Perfect Photo Scanning Gift

These crafts are sure to impress your recipients, plus they will be fun for you to make. If you're looking for an easier option to give the gift of memories, consider a FotoBridge e-gift certificate. They can be ordered instantly and send to your email inbox. Happy Holidays; make sure to take plenty of holiday pictures!

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