Photo Scanning Holiday Gift Guide: Electronics

Posted by Julie Morris on Wed, Dec 18, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Photo ScanningSome things are synonymous with Christmas day: the cleanup after Christmas morning, the smell of Christmas cookies baking, and in today’s world, a silent hush as everyone in the household gets familiar with new electronic gifts.

Odds are you bought someone an electronic this year, or perhaps intended to, but didn’t beat the crowds during Black Friday’s infamous electronics door busters.

Either way, there are many gifts, including DIY ones, for the electronics junkies in your life. Some of the best ones are made with photos, guaranteeing such gifts to be more personal and cherished than any latest technology trend – all made possible by using a photo scanning service.

If electronics are under your tree now and you need stocking stuffers, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who already has every new gadget, check out these top 10 photo gifts made for electronics, each complete with links to helpful tutorials. 

10 Gifts to Create Using a Photo Scanning Service

1.) Tablet/iPad/Nook/Kindle Photo Covers

There are so many possibilities for this gift, especially when you have tons of digital images at your fingertips after utilizing a photo scanning service. This DIY version requires some fabric and a sewing pattern, and you’ll need to utilize the method for printing photos onto fabric as seen in this tutorial for making photograph quilts.

photo scanning service

2.) Photo DVDs

There’s not a more classic, timeless present than slideshow DVDs. DVD slideshows offer benefits CD slideshows just don’t; due to the extra space available on DVDs, you can add music, graphics, and fit more photos onto the disc.

It’s a gift made easy when you use a photo scanning service too. For example, with our photo scanning service packages, we not only include DVDs with every package, but you can order TV/DVD slideshow movies also.

Photo Scanning

3.) Photo Mouse Pads

One of the oldest and most practical photo gifts, custom photo mouse pads are great for anyone and DIY-friendly.

Once you’ve chosen photos and edited them with photo editing software, you’ll only need blank mouse pads, self-adhesive textured laminated sheets and transfer paper -- all available at office supplies store -- plain muslin, stitch witchery fabric, and an iron to create gifts recipients can enjoy almost every day!

Photo Scanning

4.) Flat Screen TV Dust Cover

Perfect for anyone who thinks of their TV as their baby, these dust covers are easy to make and serve a great purpose in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, unlike TV dust covers you usually see.

You’ll need canvas or duck cloth trimmed to your TV’s measurements, fabric matching the “look” of your home décor, a sewing machine, iron, transfer paper, pins, scissors, ruler, elastic, and favorite photos.

Follow the general steps for making TV dust covers, and like tablet covers, print your photo on transfer paper and iron it on. Additionally, the bigger the TV, the bigger the possibilities – have fun making collages or turning the cover into “art” after editing digital images you received from a photo scanning service!

Photo Scanning

5.) Laptop Dust Cover

Some people baby their TV, while others are fiercely protective of their laptop. This is simply a smaller version of TV dust covers, although instead of placing photos on top of the screen, put them on the “back” of the dust cover so when the laptop is closed, you can enjoy your photos! Note: The instructional page we found is in Italian, so make sure to click 'translate' on your browser.

Photo Scanning

6.) Picture Frame Remote Caddy

This craft is a simple organization trick.

All you need is a picture frame with a raised frame that is large enough to hold all of your remotes. Simply print the photos you digitized using a photo scanning service, put the photos in the frame, and use the frame to keep your remotes in one place. 

photo scanning

7.) Digital Photo Frame

Another now oldie but goodie, digital photo frames never fail to be a welcome addition to any desk or table. Even if you don’t print every photo you receive after using a photo scanning service, this timeless gift makes it easy to take advantage of all those digital images you have afterwards!

Photo Scanning

8.) Photo USB Flash Drives

This one can take a little creativity, so it’s perfect for avid DIY-ers. You can use either a regular USB flash drive or repurpose something else, such as an empty chapstick as seen in the above tutorial.

Regardless, simply print a photo (thick paper is best,) trim to fit the flash drive’s “body” or repurposed “holder,” laminate and wrap it around, and seal the underside edges with hot glue!

Photo Scanning

9.) Photo Phone Cases

You could order a custom photo phone case for sometimes as much as $30 or $40, or you could make your own. It’s inexpensive, simple, and just requires a clear iPhone case, photo editing software, a ruler, and scissors.

Edit your photo to the phone’s measurements, print the photo on 4x6 photo paper, trim it and round the corners, cut a hole into the photo for the phone’s lens/flash part, insert your picture, and voila – the perfect (and affordable!) stocking stuffer!

Photo Scanning

10.) Photo Laptop Covers

When you remove that crafty laptop photo dust cover, keep the personalization made possible with digital photos going!

With mailing labels, hot laminating sheets, a hot seal laminator, a printer, cutting utensils, a ruler, and of course, a photo(s), you’ll have a customized laptop skin for a fraction of what you’d spend buying one online.

Photo Scanning                                           

The Perfect Holiday Gift

So there you have it, 10 perfect gifts thanks to photo scanning. Are you not a DIY-er, but know someone who is? Give them the ability to create this season by sharing this article or purchasing a FotoBridge giftcard for them. Have a wonderful holiday!

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