Photo Scanning Holiday Gift Guide: For The Office

Posted by Julie Morris on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

This holiday season, forget buying your co-workers the same tired gifts they’re used to receiving every year. Instead, add a bit of personalization with photos! 

You can use a photo scanning service to digitize your co-workers' favorite printed photos or use digital photos, which can easily be found on their social media page.

Here are 10 of our favorite DIY photo office presents and tutorials to help you create each one. Enjoy!

10 DIY Photo Projects for Gifts Utilizing a Photo Scanning Service

1.) Pencil/Pen Holders 

Tablets and smartphones may be on everyone’s desk now, but pens and pencils aren’t completely ancient just yet.

With wood blocks, sand paper, a drill, Mod Podge, and your favorite photos, you can make a pen holder that’s personal, sleek, stylish and functional – the traits of every great office tool!

Photo Scanning

2.) Desk Calendars

Desk calendars are the ultimate Christmas present for anyone, but especially for co-workers. Thanks to the availability of photo editing software and digitized images, there are tons of DIY calendar options.

This is one project you can have fun with too – remember those old photos from the office Christmas party ten years ago? Send them to a photo scanning service, edit away, and pick one of these great desk calendar projects to make personalized calendars for your second family.

Photo Scanning

3.) Travel Mugs and Tumblers

You can’t go wrong with these, especially for “road warrior” co-workers! For just a few dollars and a few minutes of time to pick out great photos, you can give your cohorts a gift they can switch out and personalize as often as they wish.

To make this gift extra special, print off a gift certificate to a photo scanning service and make it the first insert in their new to-go mug!

photo scanning service

4.) Notepads

Regardless of what you do for a living, there are never enough notepads around. A computer’s notepad may be “greener,” but these DIY photograph notepads are guaranteed to last longer than the average set of “sticky notes” – nobody will want to doodle absent-mindedly on the smiling faces beaming up at them.

Fun options abound too. For example, when you get Polaroid pictures back after they’re scanned by a photo scanning service, use them as notepad covers!

Photo Scanning

5.) Paper Weights

We may live in a digitized world, but paper weights have never really been about weighing down paper – they’re basically the ultimate fashion accessory for a desk!

An early spin on “out of the box” picture frames, buy empty paperweights at any crafts supply store and simply insert selected photos for a quick yet personalized DIY gift!

Photo Scanning

6.) Magnets         

Brighten up the refrigerator or filing cabinets at your office by creating collections of magnets for your office family.

For this DIY gift, stop by your local crafts supply store and pick up some tiny glass circles (like those found in the artificial flower/plant aisle), glass-friendly glue, .75in circular magnets, and of course, photos.

Make themed collections for each co-worker, including images of their friends, family, or pets. When printing photos, print some fun images related to your line of work to make magnets out of too!

Photo Scanning

7.) Photo Mousepads

Blank mousepads and everything else you’ll need for this DIY office photo gift are available at office supply stores, and this gift takes under 30 minutes to create.  

Choose one photo or make a collage, editing them with your favorite photo editing software – perhaps adding a border or other design – and with an iron and some muslin, you’ll have the essential office gift.

Photo Scanning

8.) Canvas Totes

You can’t make a statement with your Scooby-Doo lunchbox anymore (at least not one that will help you get that promotion), but you can with personalized DIY canvas totes.

Blank totes are available at crafts supply stores or fairly cheaply in bulk online. Choose the images you want to put on the tote, and you only need an iron and transfer paper to make this practical gift perfect for the office or their own DIY projects!  

Photo Scanning

9.) Luggage Tags

Another perfect gift for those who travel frequently for work, DIY photo luggage tags are a fun little way to add some pop and personalization.

Follow the steps as seen in this great DIY video to make photo luggage tags, but simply add a photo onto your chosen fabric by using an iron and transfer paper.

Photo Scanning

10.) Tablet & Laptop Decals

Everyone at the office loves showing photos of family, friends, and pets, so they’ll love this DIY office photo gift!

Once you have the needed supplies, all you have to do is pick a photo you know the recipient will love to “show off” and get creative with photo editing software. Instead of seeing the dull grey backs of laptops and tablets all the time, dress them up with cherished photographs and the office will be a big, mobile photo album! 

Photo Scanning

Gifts for DIY-ers

So there you have it: 10 photo scanning gifts your co-workers will love this holiday season.

Now maybe you aren't a DIY-er, but perhaps your co-worker is. If this is true then consider the gift of a photo scanning service! This will surely make their holidays that much more joyous. Click the button below and order their gift cards today. 

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