How to Use a Photo Scanning Service to Make a Holiday Calendar

Posted by Julie Morris on Fri, Dec 06, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Photo ScanningRather than fighting the crowds at stores or spending hours online looking for the best prices this season, why don't you try a more time efficient and economical process that adds more personalization? This can be made possible by the one-stop shopping of a photo scanning service and the gift of memories. 

Now there are many great DIY photo gifts, but calendars are perfect presents for almost anyone. By using a photo scanning service, you’ll gain access to everything needed to create calendars better than any mass-produced ones.

In addition to the great software and websites out there, many unique DIY photograph calendars are possible thanks to benefits, options, and resources gained using a photo scanning service, such as:

IDF – Intelligent Digital Finishing: Uses technology that enhances color, contrast, sharpness, and reduces noise for the best images possible. This is great for extremely old prints and slides and is included with FotoBridge photo scanning service packages. 

Text note archiving: Scans backs of photos for dates, notes, or marks, available as an add-on to any scanning package. Extremely useful for aged photographs.

5 Unique DIY Photo Calendars You Can Create With The Help of a Photo Scanning Service

Using a photo scanning service allows you to get super creative with DIY photo calendars. Here are some of the most unique designs we found.

1. Traditional Style Photo Calendar

A timeless DIY photo calendar made easy thanks to DIY drag-and-drop style templates and layouts, or even word processor program calendar pages. It’s as easy as picking, printing, and cutting photos to size, attaching them to a month, and binding everything together!

Photo Scanning2. Reusable Wall Poster Calendar

This fun, reusable photo calendar also doubles as wall art! There are a few variations for this one, but for personalization, choose 31 personal photos for days of the month, seven for days of the week, and six for gaps.

With photo editing software, attach one number (1-31) to each photo and letters or words for days of the week on the seven “week” photos, print on 4x6 cardstock and/or laminate, clip together with FotoClips, hang, and rearrange each month!

3. Magnetic Photo Pocket Calendar

This photo calendar is super unique and reusable, requiring 31-38 photos, magnetic tape, small envelopes (like coin envelopes,) and a label-maker to create dates with.

Print and cut photos into squares, cut envelopes in half to create pockets, glue them to the photos’ backs, apply magnetic strips, label each with a number (and 7 with days of the week,) and apply to any magnetic surface. Place notes or whatever you’d like into the pockets and re-arrange as needed.

4. Jewel Case Stand-up Photo Desk Calendar

Put all those antique CD cases to good use to make stand-up photo desk calendars. Find an online one-month calendar template, and after creating and printing each month’s page to fit the size of a CD case, slide it into the inside of the CD cover, prop it up, and continue switching out the month’s page. Take it a step further and insert a CD or DVD of photo albums or photo collections.

5. Reusable Dry Erase Photo Desk Calendar

Perfect for the workaholic in your life, all you’ll need is a 3-ring binder easel, binder sheet protectors, photos, printed monthly calendar inserts, and a dry erase marker. After inserting the photos and calendar inserts into the sheet protectors, simply fill in the calendar and the user can make notes, re-do months, and use forever. Get a little creative and print photos and calendar pages on the same pages, adding borders, month names in fun fonts, and more!

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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