3 Memorable Photo Scanning Gifts for This Holiday Season

Posted by Sara Anastasia on Thu, Dec 05, 2013 @ 08:05 AM

The holiday season is officially here! Which means it is time to start planning your holiday gifts. Why not try something new this year with personalized photo gifts?

Personalized gifts are memorable and thoughtful. Relatives especially appreciate gifts that are customized with family photos.  

If you have a plethora of digital camera images, then you can use those photos to create photo gifts. On the other hand, you can really delight someone by using a photo scanning service to digitize old photos from the past that are not in a digital fortmat. With photo scanning technology, you have the ability to digitize vintage photo prints, slides, or film.

Think outside the box and inside the camera this year with some of these creative photo gifts.

3 Memorable Photo Scanning Gifts

1. Pedestal Picture Frames

After scanning photos and receiving the digital images (make sure to get your photos orderd before the holiday deadlines!), visit your local craft store like Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore or a thrift store and pick out a few inexpensive frames and candlesticks to up-cycle into pedestal picture frames.

photo scanning service

What you need:

  • Picture frame with flat sides

  • Candlestick

  • Spray paint

  • E6000 glue.

How to make it:

  • Lay frames and candlesticks down on newspaper and spray paint them the same color 

  • Glue the frame to candlestick and let dry overnight 

  • Print out one of your favorite digitized photos

  • Insert the photo into the frame, wrap it and await the priceless smile upon opening

See more at Fancy Frugal Life.

 2. A Rotating Photo Gallery

By scanning photos and having access to them on a DVD, you’ll now be able to create a rotating photo gallery beyond your wildest dreams! Okay, well maybe not quite beyond your “wildest” but enough to get you started…

photo scanning service

What you need:

  • 1 large frame (Hobby Lobby has great inexpensive frames)

  • 28 gauge Darice brand silver wire (in the jewelry section at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts)

  • Several mini matching clothespins (also at Jo-Ann's in the wood items section)

  • Favorite color spray paint

  • 10 small screws

  • Electric screwdriver

How to make it:

  • Put all the pins on a piece of cardboard and spray paint them along with the frame. Allow one side to dry before flipping and spray painting the other.

  • To attach the clotheslines to the frame, space out screws evenly on the right and left side on the backside of the frame. Screw in while leaving it slightly out in order to wrap each end of the line around them. Pull tight, then cut.

  • Print out your favorite scanned photos and clip onto each clothespin. Carefully wrap and await heartfelt gasp upon opening.

See more at Goodwillionaire.

3. Holiday Photo Table Runner

Talk about a memorable table conversation piece that your parents will enjoy using at every holiday meal. This holiday photo table runner is a creative way to display and celebrate family memories.

What you need:

  • Plain cotton or canvas table runner

  • Family photos, either photos ordered from a photo scanning service to print out or prints you don't mind using for crafts

  • Photo transfer paper

  • Scissors

  • Clothes iron

  • Photo transfer paper

  • Extras: puff paint pens, flat back bead, marbles, jewels, stamps, scissors, fabric glue, ribbon, etc.

photo scanning serviceHow to make it:

  • Cut each photo out individually

  • Lay table runner out on your ironing board

  • Space out photos to cover the table runner

  • Iron them in place following the instructions on the photo transfer paper

  • Let the picture cool as needed.

  • Use a different texture and add in some ribbon

  • Punch two holes right below each photo and slip ribbon in from behind and tie them in a bow in the front

Extra options to add some “wow”:

  • Use flat-backed beads or jewels to create a frame around each photo. Apply heavy grade fabric glue to adhere the flat-backed jewels or marbles into place.

  • Use puff paint pens and squeeze small beads of paint to form frame around edge of each photo

  • Use stamps and stamp out a frame around each photo

Get the family involved to create this cherished keepsake they’ll use year after year. Wrap, and await one very large hug. 

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Ready to Scan Photos?

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