Unique Ways To Share Your Scanned Photos as Thanksgiving Decorations

Posted by Julie Morris on Mon, Nov 18, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

scanned photosThanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends, celebrate what we're thankful for, and of course - eat delicious food. 

Oftentimes, after a filling Thanksgiving feast, families will sit around the table and reminisce about classic family moments and memories. Photographs are a great way to preserve memories. Why not share your visual memories around your home this Thanksgiving?

Digitized photos are great for DIY photo projects. Since they're virtual, you can print out as many copies as you want to use for crafts. If your photo collection is still in hard copies of prints, slides and film, you can hire a photo scanning service to digitize photos in your collection. 

Once you have your digital photos, use them for fun crafts to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family - why not share your family memories with your guests? 

Here are some unique ways to use your scanned photos as decorations this Thanksgiving.

Thankful Photo Decor

Print out photos of your children next to the words, "I am thankful for" and have them write in what they are thankful for this year. Click here for more instructions.

scanned photos     scanned photos

Photos from Random Thoughts of a Supermom Blog

Autumn Happenings Banner

This is a simple craft with a beautiful result. Use a clothespin to attach printed photos to a strand of yarn, hung vertically. Attach dried leaves, photos of pumpkins, and any other fall mementos you so choose. You can use fall-themed personal photos for an extra festive touch.

 scanned photos

Photo from Home and Delicious

Photo Place Holders

Grab some tiny pumpkins or gourds and create a table place holder your guests will love. Use floral wire to attach your scanned photos to the top of a baby pumpkin. Put the picture of each guest at their corresponding seat at the dinner table. Click here for more instructions.

scanned photos

Photo from Photojojo

Photo Centerpiece

Invite your guests to send you their favorite old photographs before the day of the event. You can encourage relatives to scan photos for easy sharing. Once you have your photos, mount them on card stock. Arrange your photos around some classic fall details like gourds, baby pumpkins, dried pears and candles for a beautiful centerpiece. Click here for more instructions.

scanned photos

Photo from CountryLiving

Photo Food Tags

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner, then be prepared for a slew of food questions from your questions: "Is this vegetarian?" "Is this nut-free?" "Is there meat in this?"

Luckily, you can try this clever DIY photo project to make it easy for your guests to recognize dishes. 

Use alphabet cookie cutters to cut letters out of a type of food - use deli meat for 'meat' labels, cheese for 'vegetarian' labels, tofu for 'vegan' labels or any other foods you can think of.

Spell out food labels on a plate using the letters you created, then photography the plates. You can then upload, resize, print and cutout the photos to use as labels. Attach each photo label to a clothespin and pin the label to its corresponding dish. Click here for more instructions.


scanned photos

Photo from Photojojo

Start Your Scanned Photos Project Today

Are you ready to scan photos, slides and film and digitize your family photo collection? A photo scanning service can simplify this process for you.

Have fun with your holiday crafts. Tweet your holiday photo projects to us @FotoBridge, we'd love to share your photos.

Enjoy spending time with your family this season and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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