3 Steps to Helping Family Members Convert Photos to Digital

Posted by Caitlin Shanly on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

photo scanning serviceBack in the ‘day,’ giving someone the ‘gift of memories’ with photos meant giving gifts like framed and matted photos or putting together ‘old-fashioned’ photo albums. Eventually the most popular photo gift was a digital picture frame. Although still a great present, technology has surpassed digital picture frames and now offers a plethora of options.

So how do you make the most of these new photo sharing options? What are they, and how do you use them?  Better yet, how can you make it a ‘family affair’ by getting family and loved ones on board to preserve photos and, more accurately, preserve their memories?

Photo scanning is a good option for converting your old pictures to digital copies. A photo scanning service can make the digital conversion process very simple.

If you plan on scanning your photos, you can bond with your family by getting together one day to consolidate, sort, and share your photo collections. Here are some tips for consolidating with your family to digitize your photo collections.

1. Research Photo Scanning Companies

Most personal scanners only allow you to scan one to three photos at a time. Professional scanning services do it much quicker, offering additional options like free and/or unlimited online digital photo storage too.  

After finding a photo scanning service, you can purchase a photo scanning gift card to help family members convert pictures to digital. 

You help your family members by pre-selecting a photo scanning service for them to use. If your family members are not familiar with newer technologies, you can explain the photo scanning process to them and how they will benefit from a digital photo collection. Again, giving a giftcard is a great way to assist them with this process.

2. Explain and Explore the Many Benefits and Options of Preserving Photos

Going through family photo archives is fun, but choosing what to do with the photos is equally as fun and meaningful with many options and benefits.

Explain the benefits of photo scanning to your family so they can keep them in mind as they choose what to do with old pictures. Benefits include protecting pictures from fire, flood, disasters, and conditions like humidity, and storing digital copies online makes for quick reprinting, editing, and sharing.

There are many ‘creative’ options too, as explored in our free e-book 25 Ways to Share Your Digital Photos, which details options for social media, personalized gifts, and free online creations. A few fun photo projects include:

  • Creating DVD slideshows that can be sent to family members.

  • Creating photo books, similar to coffee table books.

  • Sorting photos to make theme-focused digital albums.

Plus, if you digitize your photos, you can still print out the copies and do crafts with the prints. This way you will always have a safe copy of your photo, but anyone in your family can print and use it.

3. Make it a Family Affair

With the holidays right around the corner, why not create a family event around sorting photos?

Spend time with your family going through old photos. You can enjoy taking a trip down memory lane together while you organize your collection. If you would like to digitize your photos, this is a good opportunity to set aside the photos you would like to digitize.

Here are a few sorting tips to keep in mind while going through your photo collection:

  • Sort photos by years and/or months

  • Separate family, friends, and business photos

  • After sorting by themes, places, time, years, etc., eliminate extremely similar or ‘duplicate’ copies

  • Create chart records of your choices, intended projects, and ‘groupings’ 

You can make this a fun event by inviting both adults and children. You can have fun photo craft projects for the kids to do while the adults sort photos. Just make sure to give the children photos that you don't mind getting used for crafts. And of course, you can serve delicious snacks and drinks to your guests. Turn a daunting task into a party!

Ready to Convert Photos to Digital?

The options are endless, so gather your photos, lay out a spread, and enjoy reflecting on the past with family. With the holidays coming up, there’s never been a better time to give someone photo preservation via digitizing and to create new memories with the whole family. 

Photo Credit: Flickr

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